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Our Company is located in the south of Fujian province, which is called the Golden Triangle area of Fujian China. High quality of the products, diverse produce and good service make us as a professional worldwide exporter, who focus on providing healthy, delicious, convenient and nutritious foods. Currently, we involve in canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned seafoods IQF fruits, IQF nuts, IQF vegetables, aquatic products, export and import business. Good combination of various products with service, we provide a strong support for the oversea customers.

Our history can date back to the year of 2007, From ten years ago to now, we have been already followed the trend of agricultural products and food’s international standard progress. Our cooperation factories have been certified by ISO 9001/ISO22000/BRC/KOSHER,which ensure product quality absolutely perfect.

"Work by heart, devote by mind, serve by profession” are the basic concept. Heart-working and mind-devoting will lead a professional service. This is the proposition of us. The spirits on which we emphasis are honesty, team working,devotion and innovation.

With our hands in hands, we will create a newer and better future.